Launch List

(Est. Q2 2019, April, May, or June)

  • Deploy WingTask to Linode
  • Set up Prometheus to Monitor App
  • Set up Sentry for error reporting
  • Set up Opsgenie for alerts
  • Create a Discourse forum for bug reports and feature requests
  • Create a docs sites for help and troubleshooting information
  • Create a blog for periodic news
  • Create Staging environment
  • Add version number information to settings
  • Fix all known WingTask bugs

Phase 2 Things likely to be done

(Est. Late 2019)

  • New design that drops Material Design and is platform neutral
  • Taskwarrior Contexts
  • Taskwarrior Annotations
  • Taskwarrior Calendar
  • Redesigned Home page
  • Faster Reports that are locally computed
  • Faster data refresh
  • Filtering
  • Sorting

Phase 2 Things that are a maybe

(Est. Late 2019 or never)

  • Undo/Redo
  • Bulk Modification of Tasks
  • Drag and Drop Tasks between Projects and Tags (Desktop only)
  • Uploading config files